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Start here to make big changes

Sometimes we try to fix or change how feel by changing something outside of ourselves. We move, change jobs, repaint, cut our hair, get new clothes, buy the latest exercise fad, or something else far more drastic.

It never works. Not by itself. We end up feeling the same after the excitement and novelty of the change has worn off.

That's because we didn't change anything on the INSIDE. The way we think is still the same. So eventually we fall into the same old patterns.

We're still overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, whatever. The scenery is just different.

If we want to control the overwhelm, we have to change how we think.

Maybe you do need a new job. Great. Make the change. But, also look at whether or not you have the tendency to feel responsible for things that aren't your problem. (I do!)

Do you feel overwhelmed because you're anxious and put things off until they're so massive they overpower you? Do you pay close attention to your body's rhythm and needs when it comes to nutrition and rest? Let's start there and work our way out.

Just like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. The cocoon it makes doesn't create the biological change, it provides protection while the change is in the making.

Outside changes are often necessary and can be powerful, but they're only part of the process.

We can't simply ignore the inside and hope things will get better. We have to face it.

But you don't have to face it alone. Book now and let's do it together.


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