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Is it REALLY my responsibility?

Sometimes, we try so hard to be the "good" person that we take on responsibility that doesn't belong to us. I'm a pro at this. 😎😮

We often hear that we cannot control others. This isn't surprising and it doesn't necessarily help us to actually make a shift in our thinking so we can enjoy life more.

For me, learning that I am not responsible for other people was huge. 🤯😌

Even parents are not responsible for the thoughts and feelings their children choose. They are responsible for the thoughts and feelings they teach to and model for their children.

I have often told the children in my life: "You can be angry and upset if you'd like. However, you may not treat others with disrespect because that's how you feel. I would prefer that you feel happy so that we can have fun together." 🥳

Then, I might offer a suggestion on how they can release their frustration in a healthy way and change their emotions to something more enjoyable.

How often do we do this with ourselves? 🤔

There's a small child inside that needs to be reassured of our love. They also need to be reminded that they DO have a choice in how they feel and we might need to dust off the mental manual that shows how to switch emotional programs.

In the end, we're responsible for this within ourselves. Even though it's okay to ask for and receive help, ultimately the choice is ours.

Isn't that enough responsibility?

Why take on more?

Could you let go of the responsibilities you don't really have? 🎈

Would you be willing to let them go?


I hope it's today because I would prefer you to be happy and play. 😁

If you need a little help to get there, click here set up a call to draw up a roadmap with me. 🗺️

(Message me and I'll send you a code to get this session FREE!)


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