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Let's play "What if..."!

Simply put, meditation is thinking deeply or focusing your mind. 😌

Instead of adding pressure to yourself to meditate a certain way or for a specific length of time, what if you did what you enjoyed as a small child?

Allow yourself a few minutes every so often to play "What if...?"

🤔What if your dreams came true?

🤔What if you got to enjoy time with someone you love?

🤔What if you got that thing you wanted?

I invite you to try this question this month: What if I could feel more ____ this month?

What is something you would like to feel more of?

Just five minutes could begin the process of rewiring your brain to look for opportunities to make this happen. 🔎🌱

The more consistently you do it, the more you reinforce its importance and the stronger those neural connections will become. 💪🏽

Would you share with me what you're meditating on today?🙋🏽‍♀️

I'm meditating on feeling more comfortable making videos this month. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see how I do! 😉


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