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The Sky's the Limit

Many, maybe most, people have been raised with the idea that we are who we are. The idea is that everything we are is fixed or limited.

Does that really make sense? Does that really fit the way the things in the universe work?

I don't think so. Modern science has evidence that we aren't as static as we once thought.

Even rocks do not have a fixed shape. Maybe in our lifetime they may not seem to change at all. However, the rocks in this picture were shaped over time. They changed.

Science has relatively recently found proof that the human brain is malleable, plastic, flexible... changeable. Even our genes aren't permanently fixed: they have on -off switches.

When I was a kid this wasn't what I was taught in school but it's a way of thinking my grandmother taught us to live. I'm so grateful for that.

It means I don't believe that I'm stuck. I know I can grow. I know I can learn. I know I can improve. Most of the limits are set by my feelings about myself.

This is an incredible gift, one for which I'm exceptionally grateful. It gives freedom and power. It is the gift of turning "What if?" into "When?".

What about you? Is this a gift you were given as a child?

If not, that's okay. Life if gifting it to you now.

Do a little light research. Search: What is neuroplasticity? What is epigenetics?

You don't need to become an expert. You just need to see for yourself that this idea is a reality.

Then, the sky's the limit. Imagine the ways in which your life can change when you realize that you can adapt, grow, and become who you want to become!

If you're looking for some support along your journey, book a Discovery Chat today and let's see what kind of adventure we can map out for you together.


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