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The Truth About Productivity

We often hear that we should be productive and use our time wisely. ⌚ This can cause a lot of anxiety because we tend to think of only one definition of the word "productive."

If you have had a difficult week, for whatever reason, and you need some time to rest, are you being productive if you create an evening that gives you a sense of abundant rest and peace? 🛀🕯🍫🎧

Our culture tells us, "No." We should be getting something done. 📋 It makes sense, right? "Productive," as a word, is related to the words "produce" and "product." These words bring to mind a process that yields an outcome that is tangible and immediately recognizable to others. ✅

Does productive mean this? Yes, of course. Is this it's only definition? No. 😲

According to Merriam-Webster, it can also mean "having the quality or power of producing (creating) especially in abundance." Let's stop limiting ourselves by limiting the idea behind being "productive." 🪁

With this enlightened view, a relaxing evening may in fact be productive. Couldn't we say that it's also using time wisely? Which would show greater wisdom? To find your phone charger when the battery is at 1% or to use your phone to pay a bill that's due next week? 🔋

We need rest just like our phone needs to recharge. Do we need to use discernment to determine the most appropriate time to rest? Absolutely. Can we really consider rest to be productive? You tell me. Does making time to rest demonstrate the ability to create something in abundance? 🤔

As a productivity-junkie, this is a difficult concept for me to apply to myself. 🤦‍♀️ I often try to make even my rest time productive: dancing, journaling, or detoxifying mud masks. Still, I'm learning to just enjoy. What about you? 💬


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