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Make it Easier to "Just Be"

We see some amazingly powerful, wonderfully organized, and simply phenomenal things happen in nature.

Nature doesn't work hard to make those things happen. They just do because the process has already been set and put into motion.

What can we learn from that?

Small things, like routines and habits have the power to create a massive impact.

Do we let them do the work for us?

Let me give you just one example.

Some have called me crazy for believing in "A place for everything and everything in its place." Putting things back in the same place each time, though, can save time and free up your mind for more useful thoughts than: "Ugh! Where did I put that!?"

It seems too simple. In a way, it is.

I am a morning person and my best ideas come while I'm dancing around the kitchen getting ready for the day. Seriously, that's my time to contemplate stuff like combining quantum physics and psychology. When the lid to my favorite smoothie jar isn't where I put it... I can't just automatically reach for it. I have to stop thinking about fun things to find that stupid lid.

Making the bed can start your day with a sense of accomplishment.

Having specific places to write down your ideas (physically AND electronically) actually helps you remember them better.

Waking up and sleeping at consistent times does a lot for your health.

These seem like little, insignificant things. However, they add up and quickly. They save us time, energy, and valuable attention.

What's even better is that it's relatively easy to change one of these little things but it can lead to bigger and bigger changes, until you find that you've designed life just the way you want it.

This is your invitation to stop trying to work hard and start allowing your life to work for you so you can "just be" more often.

Need help to establish those routines and habits so you can reach your goals? I'm here to help! Click here and let's get started!

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