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Being a Responsible Caretaker

The other day, I had the privilege of asking Gene Monterastelli for some help. If you don't know Gene, you should check out his website. If you do know him, you know he has some absolutely amazing resources. My mom and betterMEnt Co-Founder, Gail, has a special place in her heart for his work and his generous spirit.

This month, he has been running a month of free daily EFT Tapping. A small upgrade gave me amazing value in the form of a group call with Gene.

Being braver than I have been in the past, I submitted a request to tap on letting go of the guilt we feel when we do things for ourselves because it means saying no to someone else.

What Gene came up with was so deeply profound for me. In the future, I may even be able to say that it was life changing.

You see, I've always had an incredibly intense sense of responsibility to an often debilitating and self-destructive extent. I'm overly sensitive to even the idea that someone I love could possibly ever feel the tiniest bit abandoned by me. These are words Gene used in his tapping response.

I don't recall his words verbatim, however, this was the key concept that I latched onto: "I am responsible for taking care of myself. In so doing, I am not abandoning anyone."

It's in no way a new thought. I've heard it, read, and even spoken it many, many times before. What's new, what made it special, was the resonance: the emotional responses to these specific words in this specific order at this specific time in my life.

If you are a caretaker, by profession, circumstance, or your very nature, please take a moment to ponder these words. Let the idea sink deep into your bones and feel how it resonates.

Is this something you can make a part of yourself? If these aren't your words, may you find yours soon and may they instantly resonate so as to move you to step into the next best version of yourself.

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