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A Secret to Making Better Choices, Even When You Don't Want To

Sometimes we find it hard to do what we know is really the healthier choice.

To eat the salad instead of the donut. To go for walk instead of watching TV. To live our best life instead of just getting by.

One of the secrets to getting started when you really just want to hide under the covers, is to do it for someone else.

Think of who who would benefit from the example you could set and let your love for them motivate you to do it despite the "Ugh.... do I have to?" track that plays on repeat in your mind.

Now, I'm sure someone will say, "You should care enough about yourself to make healthy choices just for you, not for anyone else." Yes, you absolutely should.

Reality is, most of us don't start out there. It's far better to start than to wait for the most noble sounding reason to be true.

When I was a teenager, I decided to give up on suicide not because I learned to love life, but because I loved my siblings and I simply couldn't leave them behind. It wasn't the best reason, but it was good enough.

More importantly, it worked.

Find someone for whom you can set a good example. Kids are always my go to - they're in desperate need of good examples today.

Even once you've cultivated the self-worth to do it for yourself,

always someone who needs a good example.

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