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Premier Notetaking

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If you've ever felt like you should be taking notes, but you just didn't know what to write down or how to keep up, this course is for you. Maybe you've spent a lot of money on a program or needed a detailed record of a meeting or training for work, only to find you couldn't even read your own writing! Don't worry, I can help you with that. I'm Paloma, and as a world-renowned notetaker and former transcriptionist, I'm often called upon for my notetaking skills. I'll teach you all of my best tips and tricks, from how you should prepare to take life changing notes to which tools to use and how to know what to write down (or type, if you prefer). In this course you'll learn how to: 1. prepare yourself to get the most out of any presentation 2. optimize your listening skills 3. determine which tools to use 4. make sure you capture the most important information for YOU Click "Join" and let's set you up for success! ON SALE for a limited time only! (Normally $39.99)

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